Ophthalmology Clinic Alba Iulia

Established in 2011, the clinic in Alba Iulia, Alba County, is the first clinic opened in the Dr. Holhoș network, with the aim of providing patients with ophthalmology services at international standards.


At the Ophthalmology Clinic Alba Iulia the following types of surgeries are performed:



Patients benefit from a full-service ophthalmology practice with complex investigative services, and medical optics services.

Among the main investigations that are performed at Dr. Holhos Ophthalmology Clinic in Alba Iulia, we list the following:

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Depending on the needs of each patient, the Ophthalmology Clinic Alba Iulia can make appointments for the following types of examinations:


The following types of treatments are available at the Ophthalmology Clinic Alba Iulia:


Ophthalmic surgeon

Dr. Teodor Holhoș attended the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca and numerous internships in the United States, Switzerland, Germany and France. His studies were and are still supplemented by training and specialist courses in several European countries, every year.

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Specialist ophthalmologist. Doctor of Medical Sciences

Dr. Stupariu performs examinations at Dr. Holhoș clinic in Alba Iulia and Sibiu. He graduated from the Victor Papilian Faculty of Medicine in Sibiu in 2011, and completed his residency at the County Emergency Clinical Hospital of Sibiu and the Central Military Emergency University Hospital Dr. Carol Davila in Bucharest.

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Primary Ophthalmologist

Dr. Creț performs specialist examinations together with Dr. Holhoș at the clinic in Alba Iulia. Dr. Creț can perform examinations to the clinic’s patients based on the referral note from the family doctor, within the monthly threshold provided by National Health Insurance House.

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Specialist ophthalmologist and pediatric ophthalmologist

Dr. Țicle performs examinations at Dr. Holhoș clinic in Alba Iulia and Turda, as well as at the practice in Aiud. A graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” of Cluj-Napoca, Dr. Alexandra Țicle has attended throughout her career, courses in ophthalmo-pediatrics and strabology, glaucoma and visual field, vitreoretinal and anterior pole pathology.

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Ophthalmology Clinic Alba Iulia

Bd. Revoluției 1989 Nr. 2F
Alba Iulia Alba
M-F - 8-18:30, Sat - 10-14

Phone: 0358104654
Email: office@drholhos.ro


You can make an appointment quickly via the form on the right, or directly over the phone. Our colleagues at the reception desk will be happy to provide you with the availability and information you need to make an appointment. Filling in the form does not represent the registration or confirmation of an appointment, but submitting an appointment request. You will be contacted by our team to check the availability of doctors and make an appointment.


Information note on examination within the Dr. Holhoș Ophthalmology Network

Dr. Holhoș Ophthalmology Network reserves the right to request payment in advance (by payment order or in cash at the reception desk of network clinics) from patients who:

– Cancel two consecutive appointments at our clinics


– do not attend two consecutive appointments at our clinics.

Thank you for your understanding!