Practices and clinics

The Ophthalmology Clinic in Târgu Mureș is designed to offer superior investigation and surgical services for all ophthalmological disorders, being the 6th clinic in the Dr. Holhoș network.

Established in 2011, the clinic in Alba Iulia, Alba County, is the first clinic opened in the Dr. Holhoș network, with the aim of providing patients with ophthalmology services at international standards.

The Ophthalmology Clinic in Cluj Napoca is designed to provide superior investigation and surgical services for all ophthalmological disorders, being the 5th clinic in the Dr. Holhos network.

Dr. Holhoș Clinic in Sibiu was opened in 2021, being the fourth one opened in the network. Dr. Holhoș Clinic offers minimally invasive surgical solutions to those suffering from cataract, myopia, hypermetropia, retinal detachment, glaucoma and other eye disorders.

The clinic in Turda was opened in 2017, being the second one opened in the network, out of a desire to be closer to patients in the Turda-Cluj area.

Dr. Holhoș Mediaș Clinic was opened in 2018, being the third one opened in the network. We provide patients with ophthalmological diagnosis and treatment services, along with the full range of ophthalmological surgical services.


You can make an appointment quickly via the form on the right, or directly over the phone. Our colleagues at the reception desk will be happy to provide you with the availability and information you need to make an appointment. Filling in the form does not represent the registration or confirmation of an appointment, but submitting an appointment request. You will be contacted by our team to check the availability of doctors and make an appointment.


Important note regarding patient consultations and surgery appointments

A patient who cancels a consultation or surgery appointment once, at least one day prior to the scheduled appointment, has the right to a second appointment under the same conditions.
If the patient cancels the second consultation and/or surgery appointment, a new appointment can be made only if the patient accepts to pay for both the consultation and the surgery in advance. This can be done either by payment order or in cash at the clinic reception.
A patient who does not show up for their consultation or surgery, who does not cancel the appointment in due time, or does not answer the clinic’s calls, may request a second appointment only if they pay for the consultation/surgery in advance. 
Patients requesting an appointment for retinal surgeries or laser Prk/Femtolasik/Smile Pro must pay 30% of the cost of the surgery in advance. The appointment will be scheduled only after receiving the advance payment. If the patient is unable to attend the scheduled consultation or surgery, and cancels the intervention at least 48 hours beforehand, they will be refunded in full. If the patient does not show up and does not cancel or contact the clinic at least 48 hours in advance, the advance paid is considered to be lost as damages and will no longer be refunded.