Pentacam AXL Wave investigations

The Pentacam AXL Wave is a multifunctional device used to perform a variety of investigations on the anterior segment of the eye.

What does Pentacam AXL Wave investigation involve?

The Pentacam AXL Wave is the latest and most versatile device, incorporating intuitive clinical study-based reporting with guaranteed network compatibility and full operability of all Pentacam software and examinations.

Investigations performed with PENTACAM AXL Wave are vision-friendly, have a very short execution time, are painless and the result is immediately available. With a very short exposure time, the device can provide a highly accurate diagnosis of the entire anterior segment of the eye and is called the “Gold Standard” in anterior topography and tomography.

Intuitive guidance allows you to examine both eyes in less than five minutes. These new hardware and software features allow optical analysis of the performance of the total cornea, total eye and implanted lens or IOL. In addition, the Pentacam AXL Wave comes with a comprehensive, clearly arranged display showing all parameters for corneal screening, IOL power selection, IOL power calculation, ICL selection and calculation, and pupil diameter under darkness and dark conditions. The results obtained are used in numerous clinical applications such as refractive corneal surgery, refractive lens surgery, presbyopia solutions and standard cataract surgery.

What disorders can Pentacam AXL Wave investigations diagnose?

With Pentacam we can perform a number of essential investigations:

  • Topographies of the anterior part of the eye
  • Ophthalmological tomography
  • Optical biometry
  • Aberrometry of the whole eye
  • Autorefractometry
  • Retroillumination

Pentacam analyses the center of the cornea, providing precise corneal topographic measurements prior to refractive surgery. Pentacam is an indispensable tool for pre- and post-refractive surgery corneal assessment.

Pentacam can accurately identify cases of ectasia and forme fruste keratoconus.

Pentacam is used in pre- and post-operative monitoring of IOL artificial lens implant surgery cases, as well as in keratoconus and glaucoma screening.

Text medically reviewed by Dr. Teodor Holhoș, Ophthalmic Surgeon
Written by Dr. Holhos Team

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