Our patients have access to a full range of specialist ophthalmological investigations to diagnose and monitor the progress of certain disorders. The equipment used in Dr. Holhoș clinics is state-of-the-art, high-performance and high-capacity equipment for the most accurate picture of eye disorders and problems.

The new OCT Optopol Revo FC is the most complete device for complex investigations – fundus and anterior segment of the eye.

The new Schwind MS-39 is unique in Romania, capable of performing complex and detailed corneal investigations required for laser refractive surgery and accurate keratoconus diagnosis.

The Pentacam AXL Wave is a multifunctional device used to perform a variety of investigations on the anterior segment of the eye.

OCT is used to evaluate the anterior or posterior pole of the eye. It is indicated in all cases of blurred or distorted vision, depending also on other parameters.

Identifying ophthalmological problems in children is the first step towards solving them.

Specular microscopy is a non-invasive photographic technique that allows visualization and analysis of the corneal endothelium.

It is used to diagnose certain corneal pathologies. Corneal topography is a very precise method that consists of making a computerized map of the cornea to diagnose corneal diseases.

Ocular biometry is an examination that measures the length of the eyeball.

Ocular ultrasound is a rapid, non-invasive test commonly used in clinical practice to assess the structural integrity and pathology of the eye.

Angiography is an investigation used to diagnose and follow-up the progression of retinal diseases.

Angiofluorography is a diagnosis procedure that uses a special camera to record blood flow in the retina.

Digital retinal imaging is a quick and painless way for the ophthalmologist to look inside the eye and track changes in vision.

A pachymetry test is a simple, quick, painless test to measure corneal thickness. With this measurement, we can better understand the intraocular pressure reading and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Computerized perimetry (also known as visual field) tests the entire peripheral (lateral) visual field.

Gonioscopy is an examination of the front of the eye (anterior chamber), between the cornea and the iris.

The eye maintains a stable level of moisture and eliminates foreign particles by producing tears. When the eyes are too dry or too moist, the Schirmer test can be performed.

Tonometry is a diagnosis test that measures the pressure inside the eye, which is called intraocular pressure.


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Information note on examination within the Dr. Holhoș Ophthalmology Network

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