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Thank you for your interest în choosing SMILE Pro surgery. Filling in this form does not constitute an appointment. You will subsequently be contacted by our team to set out all the necessary steps for the
surgery, including the necessary appointments.

The price for the SMILE Pro surgery is lei 7900 eye. We offer payment facilities through the Patient bank loan from Banca Transilvania.

The Smile Pro surgery promotion ended on February 29, 2024

    Would you like to give up glasses?
    Refractive error
    If, after investigations, SMILE Pro surgery is not recommended for you, do
    you agree to recommend you another surgery from our portfolio - PRK,
    FemtoLASIK, SMILE, Presbyond, multifocal lens implant?
    Do you suffer from other ocular diseases? Diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma,
    nystagmus, amblyopia (lazy eye), etc?

    Do you suffer from chronic diseases - blood pressure, diabetes, etc?


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    Information note on examination within the Dr. Holhoș Ophthalmology Network

    Dr. Holhoș Ophthalmology Network reserves the right to request payment in advance (by payment order or in cash at the reception desk of network clinics) from patients who:

    – Cancel two consecutive appointments at our clinics


    – do not attend two consecutive appointments at our clinics.

    Thank you for your understanding!