Zeiss Mel 90 Excimer Laser

LASER refractive surgery is a treatment method that was developed with the idea of correcting diopters. The surgery can be performed on both eyes in the same session.

Benefits of the Zeiss MEL 90 Excimer Laser

  • The FLEXIQUENCE function gives us the possibility to choose between 250 and 500 Hz, which means a reduced duration of the surgery. The 500 Hz frequency can produce an ablation speed of 1.3 seconds for 1 diopter. Shorter treatments are more comfortable for the patient and create less anxiety
  • fast eye tracker with short response time
  • Triple-A profile, MEL 90’s advanced ablation algorithm combines the available profiles found in previous lasers

Laser Technologies

PRK: This is the lowest-risk of all laser vision correction surgeries. This is backed up by studies on patients operated on over the years in Europe and the US, and is a technology first patented and used in 1987, more than 30 years ago. Surgeons have thus had a long experience with it, and time has allowed clear tracking of its effects.

LASIK is the second, recently developed technology, and FemtoLASIK is the even more advanced version, which involves performing LASIK surgery with 2 lasers. A corneal flap is cut with the femto-laser and the diopters are corrected with the Excimer laser. At the end, the created flap is put back in place.

SMILE is part of the third generation, the latest in the world of ophthalmology. SMILE surgery is the only one that offers patients the highest degree of comfort – it is painless, the discomfort is absolutely minimal and recovery is within a few days. Within 72 hours, patients can resume their daily activities. The results are spectacular even 30 minutes after surgery.

What is treated with the Excimer Laser?

Within the Dr Holhoș ophthalmology network the ZEISS MEL 90 EXCIMER LASER is used in laser surgeries for the correction of refractive errors:


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